Oh, this Bracket is going to break my heart.

Out this round: 

Let's see:  My favorite movie? Check. Another of my Top 5 movies? Check. One of my top 5 TV shows? Check.
And Rachel, one of my fave female characters ever. Check. BREAK MY HEART, WHY DON'T YOU?!

Time for the next round!

I have a list with 30 female characters, 30 male characters, 30 tv shows and 30 movies I like. Now it is up to you to decide for the 'best' characters (not sexiest!), shows and movie and you can decide that by voting for the ones you DON'T LIKE (or don't know) in every round. At the end,there should be one female character,one male character, one show and one movie left left...Feel free to campaign for your favorites in the comments :D

So vote your TWO least favorites off in each category! No more, no less! 

The Bracket )
outoftime: (BSG // Blue Kara)
( Jan. 23rd, 2012 08:51 pm)
If you haven't voted yet in the 2nd round of the Ultimate Bracket, please do so now and break my heart some more, it's OK :P


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