So if you are either a> a college student or b> in possession of a valid college email address, I highly recommend you sign up for Amazon Student.

You get lots of awesome benefits like free 6 months of Amazon Prime (and then, if you want to keep it, half off after the 6 months end). With so little days left before Christmas, having free two day shipping (with no minimum purchase) can be super useful.

So consider signing up? I get $5 for everyone who does so (and so do you if you sign up and then refer other people).

Sign Up Here for Free Amazon Student

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I can vouch for how awesome Prime is! I caved and signed up earlier this year and have gotten so much value out of it.

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That's so cool! :D

I wish I could remember my student email :x
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I've had Prime for ages. Its the actual best. Half the time two days just means a day for me so its even better.

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I would do this for you if I wasn't already signed up! It's an amazing deal, though.

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signed up!!! ty so much! My prime was set to expire on 1/6 so this is so awesome!

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