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([personal profile] outoftime Feb. 25th, 2012 02:05 am)
Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] everythingshiny for pointing this out -

Every paid or permanent user can send 6 blue dragons. 

The first time you get a blue dragon, you get 2 free months. After that, it looks like you get nothing. 

I already got 2 months, so don't bother sending it to me. 

But if you haven't gotten one yet and would like one, comment here. I have 2 left to send out, but I can always add your name to the list of people looking for one. 

But make sure to send some to someone who doesn't have one  yet- don't let this opportunity to give paid time to your friends pass you by!

May have been a glitch - doesn't seem to be working anymore :( 

From: [identity profile] outoftime.livejournal.com

I think the 2 months only works once for people - like if I receive 900904 gifts, I still only get 2 months,

Still trying to figure it out.
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From: [personal profile] iulieki

aw I sent you one but I don't think you were in my first 6. At least it was cute!

From: [identity profile] outoftime.livejournal.com

I got two months from you actually!

I think you can only get the two months once though? Still trying to figure this out.
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From: [personal profile] iulieki

oh you did? YAAY! I just double checked my order history and you weren't one of the first six I sent it to. Soo I officially have no clue how this works lol.

From: [identity profile] outoftime.livejournal.com

I have no idea either because everyone has something different happening with it.
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From: [personal profile] iulieki

ikr? Tash is saying she got multiple...maybe it was a glitch and LJ caught it just now? :\ This kind of glitch I could live with!

From: [identity profile] mandayxo.livejournal.com

LOL that would of been helpful about 5 mins ago.
Eh, I wouldn't have changed who I sent it to anyway :P

From: [identity profile] outoftime.livejournal.com

Well, I think each person only gets it once - the 2 months paid time. I just edited the post. Trying to figure out what the heck is going on :P

From: [identity profile] mandayxo.livejournal.com

Ah, I didn't get any extra two months though.. D:

I do have 1 left though, so if anyone wants it let me know
*self advertising on someone else's page* :P

I'm going to go check the LJ news haha

From: [identity profile] queer-theory.livejournal.com

I just sent these to two accounts. I have no idea if that worked. :P

From: [identity profile] malicat.livejournal.com

This reminds me of the snowflake crazyness that happened a few years ago *g*

From: [identity profile] naushika.livejournal.com

I think it only gives paid time to people who already have paid accounts? I have a plus and got 2 dragons and received no paid time. So it must just be an extension.

From: [identity profile] outoftime.livejournal.com

Nope - I know someone who has a paid account and got nothing.

makes no sense!

From: [identity profile] naushika.livejournal.com

WEIRD. I have no idea. *gives up trying to understand lj*

From: [identity profile] icequeen3101.livejournal.com

I actually think it has to do with the glass hearts.
You have to have received a certain amount of them so that the blue dragon activates a 2 month bonus *copies from LJ faq*

If you receive $10 worth of purchased virtual gifts within two weeks, two months of bonus Paid Account time will be added to your account. Free sponsored virtual gifts do not count toward the two months of bonus Paid Account time.

From: [identity profile] miss-sarac.livejournal.com

well I can send one if someone wants one

From: [identity profile] piratesunk.livejournal.com

That's interesting. I would love one as I don't have a paid account anymore. :)

From: [identity profile] outoftime.livejournal.com

I'll send you one but I doubt it will work! Let me know if it does.

From: [identity profile] chosenfire28.livejournal.com

It is so weird, I sent over 10 so IDK what the sending limit is. I also got 7 dragons and got the paid account notice for the first 3 (the notice for the dragon and additional paid account time came at the same times so I figured those were connected).

From: [identity profile] ledbylove.livejournal.com

Interesting. I woke up to two of those dragons this morning, but I don't have any paid time still. :/

From: [identity profile] outoftime.livejournal.com

I think we figured out that for every 10 glass hearts you got, you get 2 months of free paid time with every blue dragon.
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From: [personal profile] fromtheashess

This is so weird. Lol. I only ever got one notice about time. I wonder how some people are getting multiple ones.

From: [identity profile] outoftime.livejournal.com

I think it works out that - for every 10 glass hearts you got last time - you get 2 months free paid time per blue dragon.

From: [identity profile] outoftime.livejournal.com

Apparently it's in the FAQ - if you get $10 in paid v-gifts in a month (which the glass heart isn't so it must be a glitch), you get 2 free months.